O’ Sorry,
Could you do me a favor
And give me a hand?

Would you be my savior
My last demand?

I’m crushed by this burden
And can no more stand.

Would you help me stand up
And walk barefoot in sand?

O’ Baby,
Could you do me a favor
And give me YOUR hand?


Love, Hope and Joy

Tonight is a special night for me. Maybe one of the most brilliant nights of my life. Tonight I found out The true power of love, The true power of hope. Tonight I found out that no matter what situation you are in, there is always hope. In the darkest of times, no matter how dark the around is, your only duty is to wait and keep hope and look forward to a tiny little ray of light to present itself. Tonight, 2 nights before my 24th birthday, once again I saw the true meaning of friendship. I found that in love and hope there is joy and through joy lies your goal, whatever it is.


And never forget,
As soon as you break through this bluish shield, it’s not going to be the same again. No idiotic random thought would ever bother you, not even a shade of what you’ve ever been experienced. All the ugly, all the bad, everything you objurgated once will be found meaningless.
It’s going to be you and an endless space to explore.

Ignorance Of Being A Sheep

Dear sheep,

I can feel your angst as you’re breathing so fast.

I see your heartbeat is so high, you’re going to die.

Yes, your hands and feet are tied together, they’re getting ready to kill you, make you their luscious dinner tonight.

Dear sheep,

Do you remember the time when you were a good sheep for them and they were your God-like owners providing so much food and grass for you to pasture and live a beautiful life? You never thought of this process as that of a raising-in-order-to-kill one.  You never noticed until now.

Now it’s too late. Struggling is of no use anymore. Your hands are tied, don’t you see? The only thing you can do is waiting for their already-sharpened knife to come over your neck and start to perform its one and only deed.

Dear sheep,

I feel pity for you and all other sheep like you. I wish I could do something for you, I wish I could buy you, set you free and let you go and pasture in a free ever-green land where they have not occupied yet. Somewhere you could live just like your Predecessors, all free and cheered up in a boundless green land.

Your sympathetic of another kind,